Accelerate your warehouse operation with real-time inventory tracking using Ultra wide band technology

Our Vision

Revolutionize the Industrial Sector of Bangladesh by providing the technology of 4IR.

Our Mission

To ensure the best utilization of resources through process automation.

About Us

Invotrack’s state-of-the-art warehousing technology can help you automate your warehouse and improve the productivity level. With our technology, you can tag your items, track them, and precisely locate them in the warehouse. Our smart dashboard will show the real-time data on your screen, enabling you to monitor the inventory and assess inventory level.

How Invotrack can help?

Invotrack uses Smart Tracking & Tagging using Ultra-wide band. So you’ll be able to:

  • Tag any item on your inventory
  • Records item details faster than traditional manual methods
  • Get precise details of thousands of products
  • Locate products effortlessly withing the warehouse


Salient Features of Invotrack’s Inventory Tracking System

  • Categorization of products in stocks
  • Inventory/Products history
  • Cycle counting and tracking
  • Realtime inventory reports
  • Vendor management
  • Total Inventory Management
  • Product tracking
  • Optimized inventory levels
  • Reports and audits of the warehouse
  • Improved cross-department visibility of stock data